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The Serraferran Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born from the union of agricultural experience and the knowhow in processing the olives into olive oil from the Serra Sala family. Miquel Serra, son of cultivators, and Josefina Sala, daughter of olive oil processors, created the Serraferran olive oil striving to achieve a perfect balance between tradition and modernity in order to obtain an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

Miquel Serra cultivates the ancient olive trees of the Mas Ferran de Ventalló, which he inherited from his father Josep Serra Ferran, whose surnames give name to our unique Serraferran olive oil. He applies farming techniques which respect the environment, and in doing so, not only does he maintain a sustainable agriculture, but he also contributes to the preservation of the natural heritage and Empordà’s landscape.

Josefina Sala, olive oil extraction expert, is in charge of the processing that takes place at the oil press situated within the Mas Ferran property. Today she applies the most modern techniques and the knowledge she gained whilst working toward her Diploma in Olive Growing and Olive Oil Technology, without forgetting the knowhow of the tradition that the Sala family transmitted to her. Notwithstanding her knowledge in the latest techniques in olive oil, she keeps alive the Sala family tradition by applying centuries old knowhow that they have transmitted to her.

Serraferran is processed with Argudell olives, native to the Empordà, and Arbequina olives, dominant in Catalonia, both creating an exquisite olive oil that is worthy of the DOP (Protected Origin Denomination) Oli de l’Empordà name.

Enjoy Serraferran Extra Virgin Olive Oil