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Come to discover the olive oil experience in l’Empordà!

The olive oil is a natural olive juice, in our olive oil mill we obtain our extra virgin olive oil. We invite you to visit our olive oil mill and to have a walk through olive trees to discover all of its secrets and have a nice and relaxed time.
We will walk through millenary olive trees while enjoy the landscape, we will finish with an olive oil tasting, having a km0 products sample or taking part of our workshops.



Oli en un llum

Let’s talk about artisan olive oil, from the olive tree to our plates.

Escoltem l’olivar

Walking between olive trees which could explain us the Human history.

En bici solidària

Rent our solidary bikes and ride throught the olives trees.

Del costat mateix

Come and taste our km0 products.

Oli, Oli!!

Gastronomic olive oil meal at the Restaurant La Bassa.

Ets un negat?

We show you how to make Allioli sauce only with garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

A tastar!

Use all your senses to discover the secrets and qualities of the extra virgin olive oil.

T’agrada la salsa?

Raw cooking: sauce workshop, made with extra virgin olive oil and seasonal products.

Juguem a cuinetes!

Cooking workshop and taste of our dishes surf and turf with our cheff from La Bassa Restaurant.

How to arrive